Athletic Training Program and Course Fees

Fees are required for the following courses in order to pay for supplies, certification fees and E-Value (online portfolio, proficiency tracking and hour tracking):

ATR 165: $25

ATR 166: $55

ATR 167: $60

ATR 354: $20

Field experiences (ATR 270, 271, 373, 375, 471, 472): $60 each

After the student has been selected into the program, he/she must complete formal training in blood-borne pathogens which includes obtaining or declining the Hepatitis B vaccination.  Students will also need to pass a physical examination and provide a copy of his/her immunizations. The physical exam must be completed by the AU Health Center and is at a cost of $30. Also, the student will need to complete a BCI/FBI background check. This is done at Safety Services. The cost is $60. This must be completed annually. Finally, a 10 panel drug screen must be completed at the UH Mifflin Ave Medical Center. The cost is $40. This also must be done annually. All results must be sent to the Program Director.

Students will complete one or more field experiences at an off-campus site, there are costs associated with transportation to off-campus field experiences.

Faculty Spotlight

Beth Patton, Ph.D., Associate Professor
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