Readmission Requirements

Readmission to the Undergraduate Nursing Program

General Readmission Requirements

The CONHS Admission, Progression and Retention Committee will determine if a student will be readmitted to the nursing program. Students may be readmitted to the nursing program no more than one time. Clinical orientation, auditing of nursing courses or retaking of nursing courses may be required in the readmission process. Students who are readmitted to the nursing program are subject to the degree and graduation requirements in the AU catalog and nursing student handbook at the time of readmission.  However, if a student continues to take classes at AU while not enrolled in the nursing program, they will be subject to the core requirements of their original AU catalog and nursing course requirements and policies in the AU catalog and student handbook at the time of readmission to the nursing program.

Readmission Process:

  1. Complete and submit the Application for Readmission form at least three months prior to the beginning of the semester for which the student is applying.
  2. After acceptance, return the Letter of Intent to the CONHS and attend orientation.

Readmission Criteria:

The following will be used in making a readmission decision:

  1. Applicant's stated reason for requesting readmission
  2. Past academic performance and any work completed while absent is evaluated to determine potential for success and/or placement
  3. Demonstration of skills learned in courses completed prior to the student's leaving the program. This may include passage of a drug calculation exam and demonstration of clinical skills, as deemed appropriate. Successful completion of these requirements must occur prior to the student's readmission.
  4. Whether or not the applicant will be able to complete the program within the six-year requirement
  5. Space availability in the appropriate courses

Readmission Progression Requirements:

  1. The admission decision applies to the upcoming semester and cannot be deferred.
  2. Applicants must repeat or audit course (even if passed) when the CONHS deems necessary.
  3. Readmitted students must follow the progression/grade requirements.
  4. Dismissed students will enter on probation and be assessed at the end of the first term.

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