Simulation Center

The Simulation Center opened in the Fall of 2012.  Students participate in a learning environment that improves learning outcomes through experiential learning.  The Simulation Center is the home to over 32 mannequins, who range in age from newborn to geriatric.  Students use the mannequins to learn many components of nursing care.  Some of these procedures include taking vital signs and completing assessments, birthing a baby, caring for multiple disease processes both acutely and chronically, and communicating with patients and their families.

There are also multiple settings for the simulators: the foundations of health practice lab, family health practice lab, advanced practice lab and complex care intensive care units.  Four examination rooms and a community health lab are also part of the Simulation Center.  Students get a variety of experiences in the labs.  Simulation does not take the place of a clinical experience, but it does enhance the students' education and gives them many opportunities to learn nursing care for many clinical situations.


Foundations of Health

  • 8 adults

Family Health

  • 2 birthing mothers
  • 2 infants
  • 2 babies
  • 2 children

Adult Health

  • 8 adults

Complex Health

  • 4 adults

Advanced Health

  • 2 critical care/intensive care rooms

Community Health

  • Home Care

Examination Rooms

  • 4 examination rooms

Faculty Spotlight

Beth Patton, Ph.D., Associate Professor
"Accent on the Individual" means being there for my students inside and outside of the classroom, helping my students navigate their career path and future...Read more