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Photo of Ana Webb, Administrative Assistant in Professional Development Ana Webb
Administrative Assistant in Professional Development
, Columbus Center
Ana Webb works as an Administrative Assistant in Professional Development at Ashland University- Columbus Center.  Prior to joining Ashland University in 2006, she worked for Cooperative Business International, DuPont De Nemours, the US Department of Agriculture, and taught Spanish at Jackson Elementary for The Ohio State University Alumni Association of Circleville, OH. Ana is married with two sons and resides in... Read More

David Webb
Director of Outreach Programs
109, Richard E. and Sandra J. Dauch College of Business and Economics
Theresa Welch
Administrative Assistant
, Stark Center
Renee Yoder-Elias Renee Yoder
Director of Professional Development Services
, Elyria Center UC
Renee Yoder comes to Ashland University after working for NASA for the past 17 years in several different capacities. Most recently, she managed the NASA CORE business office, which serves as a non-profit, world-wide distribution center for NASA’s educational materials. In this role, she managed a staff of 11 full- and part-time employees. Prior to her NASA experience, she served several districts as a teacher. In... Read More