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The Founders School of Continuing Education provides programs and services for non-traditional students in unique, innovative and collaborative environments. Programs run from non-degree certificates to degree opportunities geared toward the needs of working adults as well as numerous workshops and classes for educators that can be used for licensure renewal. The Founders School also coordinates all post-secondary and dual credit opportunities for high school students wanting a college experience.

Professional Development
Ashland University has been recognized statewide for its leadership in providing-high quality professional development opportunities for more than 30 years to both professionals from varying fields, and educators in all 88 counties in Ohio and across the country.

Professional Development Video

Many of these opportunities are online, allowing the Ashland University brand to be accessed in other regions of the country as well as overseas. Ashland University is proud to be the sole provider of professional development graduate credit for a number of prestigious Ohio education associations, and has provided classes in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Ohio Historical Center, state parks and other places of interest.

PDS also offers programs and workshops for financial literacy and economic education which are considered the model programs for teachers and students throughout the state.

One especially unique branch of the School is Outreach Programs, which is responsible for making Ashland University one of the longest existing correctional education institutions in the country. Established in 1964 at the Ohio State Reformatory by Dean of Students Emeritus Bill Mast, Outreach Programs have now grown into three main components. Ashland University is currently operating out of 9 correctional facilities and 5 juvenile corrections facilities around the state.

First, Ashland is host to the Journal of Correctional Education, the foremost publication of the Correctional Education Association (CEA). Each quarter, the University produces 3,000 copies that serve as a resource for academic research, legislative updates and best practices for CEA members.

Another publication to be proud of is a manual for successful reentry, co-authored by Dr. Phillip Amerine and John Dowdell. This book has been adopted by the State of Indiana as the leading text for correctional transition plans, and is also being utilized in Arizona, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia among other states.

Finally, Ashland University Outreach Programs has developed the online professional development offerings for the Correctional Education Association (see www.ceanational.org/ prodev.htm). David Webb serves as the director of Outreach Program.

Adult Studies

PSEOP and Dual Credit

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