Topic: Curriculum and Instruction
Instructor: Ellen Ford
Method: Face to Face (WRK)
Sponsor: AU Columbus Center
Center Offered: CPD

Course Description:

This class is cancelled     Journey around the world engaging in historic games that bring geography, history and literature to life.  We begin in the 15th century with the  Shakespearean games of Nine Men Morris and Pope Joan then travel through different continents ending in Itlay with Scopa, the national game enjoyed today by Italian families.

 The purpose of this workshop is to provide a learning-centered experience which will foster a diverse academic community and enhance cultural needs. This workshop will promote four conceptual core categories:


  1. Leader-Educators will collaborate by sharing their current subject knowledge then expand their background as they learn new historic games from members in the workshop.
  2. Change agents who will address the social needs of students who no longer engage with classmates around a gaming table, but through social media.  This workshop emphasizes geography, history, and ethnic orgins of each experience.  Workshop members will create power point presentations to show competency in technology.
  3. Diversity as the workshop places a strong emphasis on three levels of questioning strageties:  factual, conceptual and provocative.
  4. Lifelong Learning as each participant will offer their personal experience and story in this subject area, then leave the workshop will new tools to use in their work settings.


          For educators, emphasis will be placed upon the current Academic Common Core Standards and 21st Century skills in literature, history and mathematics.  Each participant will learn “how to lead” historical games and integrate this cultural art experience into occupational settings. For more information please contact Ellen Ford at  

“To register for the class but not paying online, please email your:  name, phone, email address and class number to the instructor listed for the class so they can adequately prepare and communicate with you if any changes need to be made.” 

Cost: $278
Timespan of Course:
June 16, 2014 to June 17, 2014
Contact E-mail:

Meeting Times

  • Day and Time of Meeting: 
    Monday, June 16, 2014 -
    9:00am to 4:30pm
  • Day and Time of Meeting: 
    Tuesday, June 17, 2014 -
    9:00am to 4:30pm
    Location of Meeting: 
    Ashland University Columbus Center
Course Number: EDU*6160*L1
Academic Term: 14/GW
Academic Level: GW
Semester Hours: 1.00
Subject: EDU