Topic: Special Education/Gifted
Instructor: Judith Hassel
Method: Face to Face (WRK)
Sponsor: AU Columbus Center
Center Offered: CPD

Course Description:

Classroom teachers. intervention specialists. substitute teachers. administrators. school nurses and counselors are increasingly faced with challenging issues such as mental health and behavioral problems exhibited in our classrooms. Though we are often on the frontline of identifying problems. we may lack the education. experience or confidence to make referrals  to appropriate agencies and professionals.  Unfortunately we frequently lack the tools and strategies to support many of our at-risk students and their families. This workshop. taught by Judith Hassel in collaboration with Tammy Daroczy will assist educational and administrative leaders in recognizing signs. symptoms, strengths, and limitations of Asperger Syndrome which places our children and teens on the Autism Spectrum. Through lecture. small group. and experiential activities you will learn effective relevant classroom strategies that will enhance and support your work with many struggling. problematic and often brilliant students.  For more information please contact Judy Hassel at

 “To register for the class but not paying online, please email your:  name, phone, email address and class number to the instructor listed for the class so they can adequately prepare and communicate with you if any changes need to be made.” 

Cost: $278
Timespan of Course:
August 1, 2014 to August 2, 2014
Contact E-mail:

Meeting Times

  • Day and Time of Meeting: 
    Friday, August 1, 2014 -
    4:00pm to 9:30pm
  • Day and Time of Meeting: 
    Saturday, August 2, 2014 -
    8:30am to 4:45pm
    Location of Meeting: 
    Ashland University Columbus Center
Course Number: EDU*6170*A6
Academic Term: 14/GW
Academic Level: GW
Credits: 1.00
Subject: EDU