Instructor: Jacinda Yonker
Method: Face to Face (WRK)
Sponsor: Medina County ESC
Center Offered: EPD

Course Description:

In this class, we will be reading, discussing, and implementing ideas from the book, 6+1Traits of Writing, by Ruth Culham.  This book will have the tools you need to assess students' writing for the traits and for planning instruction (focus lessons and activities).  This text will have detailed definitions of each trait, scoring guides, and sample student papers with running commentary.  We will have the opportunity to interact with educators from all grade levels and subject areas along with having the opportunity to share many ideas that we can all use to better our students and classrooms. 

**Please be sure to purchase the book ahead of time and read the Introduction - The Traits: A Vocabulary for Writers and Chapter 1 - The Weave of Assessment and Instruction before our first class.

Workshop:  4:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Cost: $150
Timespan of Course:
January 29, 2018 to April 28, 2018
Contact E-mail: jsailer@medinaesc.org

Meeting Times

  • Location of Meeting: 
    Medina Library - 1907 Room
Course Number: EDU*6190*X6
Academic Term: 18/GW
Academic Level: GW
Semester Hours: 1.00
Subject: EDU