September 29, 2016 - 10:49am -- Ashland University

5 Benefits of Earning Your Criminal Justice Degree Online vs. in a Traditional Classroom

An online criminal justice degree appeals to more than adults who work full-time jobs. The virtual degree also appeals to recent high school graduates who are pursuing blended and fully online course options. These choices yield benefits.The  benefits gained from earning your criminal justice degree online range from time savings to schedule flexibility to improved technical skills. The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)a shares that scheduling online courses is easier than scheduling classroom courses.

Plug into Advantages Built into Online Criminal Justice Degrees

Students can research and register for online criminal justice degrees with a smartphone or laptop. Course materials are downloaded using web-based software applications. Generally, all that is needed to access web-based systems is a username and password. Convenience isn't the only advantage. Virtual systems save students money. Access to experienced instructors, professionals who have actually worked in the criminal justice field for several years, some more than a decade, is another advantage. In contrast to traditional degree programs, students taking online criminal justice degrees are able to connect with instructors by logging into online portals, scheduling one-on-one email question-and-answer sessions, and participating in virtual class discussions.

Online Criminal Justice Major | Ashland University

While earning your degree online, you may be able to complete individual courses on a five-week schedule. This offers flexibility that may not be as broadly realized in a traditional classroom setting. The greatest advantage associated with a five-week setup is that you can start assignments at times that best fit your schedule. Because you're completing classes virtually, you save on commuting costs and stress.

Measurable Benefits

Taking online criminal justice degrees isn't a synch though. Time management and organizational skills are needed. For example, you need to outline when and how you will finish assignments, complete research work and study for exams. Personal responsibility, accountability and self-discipline are key skills that you can improve while earning your degree online. You'll need these skills to meet the demands of working as a criminal justice professional.

Basic technical skills are a must while completing an online criminal justice degree. As you progress toward degree completion, you may learn how to create and format documents using Word, Excel and other technology programs. Database management, completing electronic reports and navigating cloud based systems are other technical skills that you can learn while completing online criminal justice degrees.

Additionally, without in-person conversations, virtual criminal justice academic programs challenge you to develop strong communication skills. If there's a skill that criminal justice professionals use it's communication. Whether you work as a police officer, investigator, attorney or probation officer, you are going to need to know how to talk with people to get valuable information, communicate applicable laws and comfort people who are victims of crime. Online courses encourage the use of written and oral communications, particularly courses that incorporate live audio sessions into the curriculum.

Earning a Criminal Justice Degree at Ashland University

Ashland University has been supporting students' academic dreams for more than 130 years. Our criminal justice degree program b has the distinct advantage of being supplemented with quality field experiences. Investigative methods, review of case histories, the juvenile and adult court systems, and advanced criminology are important topics that instructors cover during our criminal justice program.

Our instructors who teach online and in-person classroom courses have deep experience in the criminal justice administration, sociology, correctional and legal systems. Contact us today to learn more about our criminal justice program. If you want to make the community and the nation safer, an Ashland University criminal justice degree could be a start.

Our criminal justice degree program is fully online so students establish their own timeline, determining when they will log in and complete coursework. It's possible to earn a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice within three years. Ashland University's criminal justice degree program is interactive -- using mock crime scene investigations, discussions led by field experts, videos and virtual training sessions.

The Ashland University academic team is ready to speak with you and help answer your questions. Call us at 800-882-1548, ext. 6022 or email us to learn more about our criminal justice program and how it can help you to achieve your academic goals.