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Honest Nursing Advice for Those Considering the Profession

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If you are considering a career in the nursing field, you may be wondering what being a nurse is really like. Even if you’ve had a chance to observe others in the profession, perhaps even as a patient, actually being responsible for the nursing duties yourself can be quite different. Here is some honest nursing advice for those who may be considering the profession.

Nursing school can be challenging

Among the many tips for surviving nursing school is to be prepared for all of the information you will need to learn. Proper study strategies for nursing students are particularly important. You will have in-class work, textbook work and out-of-class work. Yes, there is a lot of work involved in nursing school! Once you have completed your studies, then you will need to know how to study for and pass your nursing exams.

Nursing can be unpredictable

If you thought it was a challenge getting through nursing school, surviving nursing on the job may be even more challenging. The job can be different and unpredictable each day. You will have patients of all ages from all backgrounds with a variety of illnesses and injuries. You will need to learn to prioritize, be efficient be compassionate and understanding, all at the same time.

Nurses continue to learn on the job

Some solid, honest advice for nursing students is to learn how to ask questions. That advice continues to apply on the job. You should always continue to learn! You may encounter new procedures and new techniques as you grow in your nursing career. You may also encounter a new situation that was not addressed in your nursing school classes. Always ask questions and be sure to learn from the answers!

Nursing can be a 24-hour job

You may decide to pursue a position as a nurse in a physician’s office or as a school nurse. In these cases, you will probably have somewhat predictable hours for your job. However, some advice for nurses in other healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, is that patients don’t get sick on a 9 to 5 schedule. Nurses have to be scheduled to work around the clock in these types of healthcare environments. You may be working 12-hour shifts and you may be working through the night hours.

Nursing careers can be truly rewarding

Online Nursing Programs - Ashland University

The most encouraging nursing advice for those considering the profession is that it is truly a rewarding profession. Those who choose the nursing profession are generally rewarded with much more than a salary. When they see the smile on a patient or have a family member say “thank you,” it can make all the hard work worth it. Of course, the most rewarding part of nursing is that you are helping other people each and every day. If you have a passion for helping others, nursing can be truly rewarding for you.

Ashland University offers online degrees for those considering the profession, including:

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Online Nursing Programs - Ashland University

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