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Online Learning Is the Way Forward. Here's Why

Most of us lead very busy lives. We have families, jobs, friends, volunteer commitments, and all the chores and responsibilities associated with those activities. If you have all of these and more in your life, but you want to pursue a degree, how do you do it? You may research area schools to determine which one has the program relevant to the degree you are seeking. You may visit campuses and learn more about their classroom-based educational programs. More than likely, you will decide that online learning is actually the best solution for you!

Why Distance Learning is Changing Universities’ Learning Standards

Why Online Learning is The Way Forward | Ashland University

An online education is the way forward for an increasing number of students. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, “there were 5,750,417 students enrolled in any distance education courses at degree-granting postsecondary institutions” in the fall of 2014.1 While many students complete part of their degree online, many schools offer full degrees through online learning.

There are several reasons that online learning and online degrees are the way forward.


Why Online Learning is The Way Forward | Ashland University

Online learning generally costs less than a traditional classroom-based education. Learning materials are often available online so there is no need to purchase textbooks. Some schools that would normally charge an activities fee or other campus-based fee do not assess online education students with these charges. In addition, the cost of getting to school (commuting to and from campus) is virtually eliminated with online learning, as is the cost of the parking pass!


If you live in an area that is not within close proximity to a quality school, online learning offers you the opportunity to pursue your degree without having to drive long distances to a classroom. If you are holding down a job while completing your online education, there is no need to worry about scheduling a class that may conflict with your work hours or to have to take time off to sit in a classroom.  You can complete your classwork at night, on your lunch break, in the early morning hours or anytime that is right for your schedule.

Time commitment

Classroom-based learning requires you to sit in the classroom for a specific period of time, in addition to traveling back and forth to campus (which also usually involves a significant amount of time finding a place to park). With online learning, you control the time of day and the amount of time you spend on your classes. As your life becomes busier, the more you need that “extra” time that may have been spent commuting to campus.

Advances in technology

Past concerns about online learning involved the perceived lack of face-to-face interaction that is found in a traditional classroom. With technology advancing rapidly, particularly technology involved in communications, online learners are increasingly able to communicate with instructors and classmates. Programs inherent in the online classroom platform as well as independent communication platforms enable students to not only speak with each other and with their instructor, but also to conduct virtual face-to-face discussions.


Today’s online learning choices offer the quality education you would expect to find in any institute of higher learning. Accredited online degrees are, of course, of utmost importance to students. Ashland University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. In addition, individual programs are accredited by their respective associations.

How Online Learning is Becoming More Popular | Ashland University

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