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Transitioning From Teacher to Educational Administration

Do you feel it might be time to make a change from the classroom to a career in educational administration? If you've been a teacher for more than one semester, you may have noticed the discrepancy in postsecondary education when it comes to both theory and practice. You may have wondered how this realization might be of use to you in a higher administrative capacity. If you've considered making this career change & want to help effect change at a higher level, Ashland University’s Doctorate of Education in Leadership Studies or Master’s in Education  program can help guide you through this important transition.

Educational Administration

Educational Administration Jobs are on the Rise

There are many reasons that may have led you to consider obtaining a postsecondary education administrator degree at this point in your educational career. A higher salary is an obvious benefit, with most postsecondary educational administrators earning a median salary of $92,360 per year[1]. Educational administration jobs are also expected to climb ten percent in the coming year, leaving the door wide open to obtain employment. As a teacher, your expertise and hands-on experience is crucial to these new positions being filled with qualified candidates.

New and Creative Work

Another important reason that may have led you to this decision is the change in your educational routine. Teachers have set times for their classroom’s daily activities, which may cause their job to feel mundane or unremarkable. As an educational administrator, you will now have more workplace responsibilities that differ from your previous workload. An educational administrator has a different set of job duties every single day, which allows for creative solutions on a daily basis. This change in routine keeps your new job both interesting and challenging at the same time.

Affect High Level Change

By working as an administrator, you also have the ability to implement policy changes at a higher level. Teachers can primarily impact their own classroom, but educational administration jobs can help make a greater impact by changing the school culture. You can share your wealth of knowledge in the teaching industry with your entire staff, while relying on them to carry out your educational initiatives.

A New Path With an Easy Transition

AU’s Doctorate of Education in Leadership Studies - The Doctorate of Education in Leadership Studies program at Ashland University is a great way to get started on this new path. The program is geared directly towards your needs as a classroom teacher making the transition into an educational administration role. Your classroom duties will not be disrupted, as classes begin in May as the school year is ending. If you've previously tried to obtain a postsecondary education administrator degree, Ashland will accept up to nine hours of previously completed postgraduate coursework towards your doctorate in educational leadership.

Get started on your pathway to a Doctorate in Educational Leadership at Ashland University!  The next generation of students and teachers are awaiting your guidance.

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AU’s Master’s in Education Program - The Master’s in Education program at Ashland University is designed for licensed teachers seeking to expand their knowledge and teaching endorsements to enhance their skills as an educator. Graduates of this program will also have the ability to enter into new roles within the education sector including educational administration or post-secondary teaching. Our Master’s in Education program has the option of six different concentrations to match your interests. To view our specializations in the Master’s of Education program visit here.  

Expand your potential and begin your Master’s in Education program at Ashland University. We are committed to helping you achieve success on coursework that fits your schedule and needs.

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Ashland University Mission for Educators

Ashland University seeks to inform and empower educational administrators to provide curriculum that will universally benefit both teachers and students. You will not find emphasis on whimsical educational trends or encouragement toward a stylized ideal. Ashland’s stance on educational leadership has always been that teachers have the most knowledge about the lay of the educational land. Our goal is to open the door to the application of that knowledge so that education can be changed to everyone’s benefit.

[1] Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Postsecondary Education Administrators, on the Internet at (visited August 16, 2018).