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Why Choose Ashland University to Earn Your Masters in Education Online?

Earn Your Master's Degree in Education Online | Ashland University

You’re a busy teacher who wants to further your education, but you’re concerned about the challenges you may encounter. You do not have a lot of extra time and the logistics of going to a campus seem overwhelming. The good news is, there are a lot of options for pursuing your Master’s in Education online. With an online program, that precious extra time can be spent on coursework instead of sitting in traffic on your way to a classroom. Once you make the decision to pursue an online Master’s in Education, you will need to find the school that is right for your educational needs. Ashland University offers a number of excellent reasons why you should earn your Master’s in Education online with us. Whether you are ready for a career move into an administrative position with an online Master’s in Education Administration, or if you want to further your education to grow as an educator, with an M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction, Ashland University offers several Master's degree options for teachers.

Earn Your Masters in Education Online At Ashland Today!

Why Choose Ashland University To Earn You Masters in Education | Ashland University

As a teacher who wants to pursue additional educational concentrations, you can choose from three online M.Ed. programs at Ashland University, additionally you can choose from four traditional M.Ed. programs.

The Master’s Degree in Adult Education is geared toward those teachers who want to work with adults, beyond the K-12 educational environment. If you want to become an educator in informal programs such as those hosted by museums, state parks, or hospitals, or if you want to train in a corporate setting, this could be the right program for you.

The Master’s in Educational Leadership program is designed to help you work with teachers and other education professionals on systemic plans to improve educational programming and outcomes. The Educational Leadership curriculum is also one of our accelerated online Master’s programs, which saves you time and money!

Our Master’s in Educational Technology could be right for you if you want to help refine and re-shape your perspective on technology as it relates to your future career, society, teaching, learning and training. If you have a passion for using technology in your classroom or for teaching others how to use technology within their classrooms, Ashland University has the program you need to further that education.

Additional programs at Ashland University also allow you to pursue your educational passions. Through the Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century concentration, you can create a program that matches your particular interest. If you want your focus to be on an online Master’s in special education, you might want to check out our Intervention Specialist curriculum.

Ashland University has many options for earning your Master’s in Education online. With an M.Ed. degree from Ashland University, you will be well-prepared for a variety of leadership and high-level administrative roles. Contact us today and let’s get started on your online Master’s in Education!