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Why Earn Your MBA Degree Online From Ashland University

Pursue an MBA degree online and you gain freedom and balance. But, you will be tested. Yes. The curriculum is personalized, but it's robust. It has to be. The advanced degree option prepares you for real world leadership challenges. Markets are changing at a rapid fire pace. Ashland University instructors who teach MBA degree online programs can prepare business leaders to recognize when critical changes are about to happen. Even more, online MBA degree training encourages flexibility and innovation.

Critical Skills Gained Through MBA Degree Online Programs

According to Forbes, flexibility is a key to an organization’s survival. Major firms have gone under due to a leader being rigid. Forbes shares that being rigid can cause leaders to be, “unable or unwilling to sense new opportunities and to reconfigure the firm’s assets in ways that permitted the company to continue to survive and prosper.”The online MBA degree program can help students notice when market shifts are developing. Also,while pursuing an MBA degree online, students learn how management information systems work. This allows students to stay abreast of changing technologies.

More Advantages Built Into The MBA Degree Online Option

Online MBA Program | Ashland University Online

With MBA degree online programs, you also learn about organizational behavior and conflict resolution. Understanding organizational behavior helps you to know which people best fit an organization’s culture. Combined with strong conflict resolution skills, you can avoid downward shifts in employee morale. You can also keep customer relationships rewarding.

Other areas covered during an MBA degree online program are:

  • Business and society

  • Legal responsibility

  • International business management

  • Personal asset management

  • Marketing in today’s digital business environments

  • Financial management

  • International trade

Online MBA Degree Advantages That Matter

Faculty who teach online MBA degree programs have real life organizational leadership experience. Through the online programs, you gain learning opportunities. Enroll in an online graduate business course and you can:

  • Determine when you will complete class assignments

  • Set the pace at which you learn

  • Fit earning a degree into your busy schedule, even if you work full time

  • Develop critical thinking skills that help teams to arrive at better solutions

  • Connect with instructors in real time

  • Engage classmates during virtual discussions

  • Get the chance to earn a Six Sigma certification

  • Own when you will conduct research and study

Key Takeaways

The program can provide personalized instruction and in-depth business training. Because class sizes are small, you receive training that meets your needs as a current or future business leader. Expect to gain advanced knowledge about important business topics like economics, marketing, finance, and statistics metrics. 2

While you pursue your MBA degree online, you could work on a group project. This learning environment sharpens your critical thinking, negotiation, and project management skills. It also enhances your creativity, problem solving, and active listening skills. These skills are pluses as you complete MBA degree online programs.

These skills are also helpful after you graduate with an online MBA degree. In fact, Business News Daily reports that, “Critical thinking helps employees gather all of the information required to analyze a situation, generate optimal solutions to a problem and get feedback from all the people involved in the situation.” 3

Ashland University Online MBA Degree Program

Why Earn Your MBA Degree Online From Ashland University | Online MBA Programs

Ashland University’s online MBA degree is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. The MBA degree online program is administered through the school’s College of Business and Economics. A total of 36 credits are earned through the program. Foundational courses, electives and core courses highlight critical organizational and leadership components.

Optional specializations in the online MBA degree program include project management, human resource management, finance, and accounting. Other specializations are in entrepreneurship, global management, or a customized specialty. Students can receive as many as six semester hours of training while working on an independent research project. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced admissions representatives.

Several Ashland University MBA degree online instructors have a doctorate level education. They also have real life experience leading business departments and management units.The university also offers adults the chance to earn a campus-based MBA degree. Campuses where Ashland University in-person MBA degree programs are taught are at the school’s main campus in Ashland, Ohio; the North Canton Stark Center; the Medina Center; and the Columbus Center.

Completion of the MBA degree prepares students for the certified management accounting credential. It also prepares adults to enter leadership roles. An MBA is also a pathway to more advanced graduate business degrees. Let us support your graduate business administration training goals.