Ashland University Transcript Evaluation

Complete this form if you have spoken to an admissions counselor and requested that your transcripts be evaluated for initial licensure, or for adding a second license in a different content area.

Contact Information
Active License
In what area are you licensed?
Initial License
If you have a Bachelors Degree and would like to earn an initial teaching license, you would be eligible for the Bachelor's Plus (B+) Program. The required coursework would be determined by an evaluation of your bachelor transcripts. You may choose up to three license areas for a transcript evaluation.
Second Teaching License
If you have a current 4 year or 5 year teaching license, and would like to earn a second teaching license, you may choose a second license area from the list below.
Endorsements are added to existing teaching licenses
Administrative License
A current teaching license is required for all administrative licenses other than School Treasurer or Business Manager
Online Programs
Upload your transcripts here. Please note that resumes are only required if you are seeking the School Treasurer or Business Manager license.