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Correctional Education Certificate

Getting ahead in your career takes more than hard work. In the field of correctional education, it takes passion and commitment. Ashland University provides you with the opportunity to receive that extra credential that will show your commitment and make you stand out to employers.

A Correctional Education Certificate Will:

  • Provide the tools necessary for providing literacy, vocational, and transitional training programs to adult prison population
  • Prepare you for teaching the students in the corrections setting by focusing on the unique needs of the students in prison (RAND, 2014)


The Correctional Education Certificate program requires four classes:

  • EDU*6130*M9 Integrating Career Readiness into the Adult Correctional Education Classroom
  • EDU*6130*N9 Integrating Employment Skills into Correctional Education Classroom
  • EDUC 599 - Social Foundations of Correctional Education
  • EDUC 640 - Teaching in the Correctional Education Classroom

Upon completion of the Correctional Education Certificate, you are only 18 credit hours away from earning your Master of Education in Adult Education.

Masters in Adult Education Program - Apply Now!

The Correctional Education Certificate courses can also be used towards an Master of Education in Adult Education. An M.Ed. in Adult Education is a graduate degree catered to education professionals who are not associated with the K-12 education system. While there are 50 million youth enrolled in the nation’s K-12 system for formal teaching and learning, there are over 250 million adults who are increasingly seeking other types of formal education. This type of education focuses on lifelong learning related to health and wellness, economic and workforce issues, encore career development, and a variety of cultural, second language and adult life contexts.

The Master of Education in Adult Education program can be completed entirely online, entirely face-to-face at an Ashland University campus or a mixture of online and on-campus classes. Our 18-hour graduate core meets the national standards for Graduate Programs in Adult Education.

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