Ashland University Certificate Program Technology For The 21st Century

Course #
Title Hours
EDCI 522
Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century Classroom (Candidates who took EDCI 505 within the past five years may substitute that course for EDCI 522) 3
EDCI 536*
Instructional Design (Prerequisite: EDCI 505 or 522) 3
EDCI 537*
Issues & Concerns Relating to Educational Technology (Prerequisite: EDCI 505 or 522) 3
EDCI 538*
Methods for Integrating Technology (Prerequisite: EDCI 505 or 522) 3
Total Hours

* Please note: Students enrolled in this course are required to perform one or more K-12 school-based field placement that may involve the collaboration or supervision of a classroom teacher currently serving a specific population of students. Students enrolled in this class are expected to arrange those field placements without the coordination of Ashland University’s College of Education. These field placements are embedded thematically into the Educational Technology professional courses.