Master of Education: Curriculum and Instruction: Intervention Specialist Mild/Moderate

Course #
Title Hours
Prerequisite Courses: (Students with appropriate previous courses may substitute them for the courses listed below. These prerequisites must be taken prior to taking the EDIS methods courses – EDIS 535, EDIS 541 and EDIS 548.)
EDEC 564
Curriculum and Methods of Early Childhood Mathematics 3
12 Semester Hours of Reading, Including 3 Hours of Phonics 12
M.Ed. Core Requirements (Core courses are not offered as course by conference. Students select one 3-hour course from a list of approved courses for each of the four M.Ed. Core Standards.)
EDFN 501
APA Seminar 0
Curriculum Foundations 3
Social & Historical Foundations (EDIS 579 may be used) 3
Inquiry 3
Diversity 3
Major Professional Courses
EDIS 546
Introduction to Educational Intervention 3
EDIS 535
Curriculum/Methods for Career/Daily Living Skills (Prerequisite: EDIS 546) 3
EDIS 541
Creating Effective Learning Environments (Prerequisite: EDIS 546) 3
EDIS 542
Communication, Consultation and Teaming skills 3
EDIS 548
Assessing and Teaching Children with Mild/Moderate Educational Needs (Prerequisite: EDIS 546) 3
EDIS 507
Language/Communication Disorders in Children and Intervention (Prerequisite: EDIS 546) 3
EDIS 579
Special Education Law, Policies and Procedures for intervention Specialist 3
Advanced Field Practicum (This requirement is met through activities completed in EDIS 541.)
Capstone Experience
Capstone Inquiry Seminar (Prerequisites: Core requirements, 24 hours of course work and signed intent form) 3
EDUC 781
Thesis Capstone (Prerequisites: Core requirements, 21 hours of course work and signed intent form) 3
Total Hours

The M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction: Intervention Specialist Mild/Moderate program requires a minimum of 33 semester hours. Hours may vary due to selected core courses.

A current certificate in first aid and CPR is required at time of program completion.