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Corporate and Strategic Communication has become critical to the success of corporations in organizational change, growth, and crisis.

Due to the increased visibility of corporate communication and a greater demand for corporate responsibility, the need for competent communication professionals is at an all-time high. Our Masters in Communication program is designed to prepare prospective professionals for a variety of advanced-level communication and consultant positions in the fast-growing field of corporate and strategic communication. Careers in this industry include director of internal/external communication, corporate trainer, organizational development specialist, public relations specialist, director of public affairs, employee relations manager, crisis communication consultant.

Why Ashland University’s Master in Corporate and Strategic Communication?

  • Convenient: 100% Online
  • Quick: 18 months, 30 credit hours
  • Quality: Dynamic balance of communication theory and research with application
  • Practical: Communication-intense skills adaptable to the ever-changing communication landscape
  • Diverse: Gain skills that provide you with a sense of equity regarding those who are most vulnerable and susceptible to danger or crisis
  • Broad Career Options: Prepare for a wide range of communication-related careers
  • Global Scope: Engage at local, national, and international levels

Career Prospects: