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Masters in Educational Leadership + Administrative Licensure Online

Ashland University’s Masters in Educational Leadership & Administrative Licensure online program, featuring the most up-to-date content and instruction from preeminent leaders and practitioners in the field of educational administration, will allow you to be among the best educational leaders of the future. Critical content areas such as school climate, professional ethics and school safety will provide graduates of the Educational Leadership Master’s Program with skills and dispositions that other university programs simply do not offer.GIF


There is no better time than the present to grow your knowledge. A Masters in Educational Leadership could be your next step!


Ashland University Has the Fast Track to Your Masters in Educational Leadership Online

The number of hours required for the educational leadership degree online and licensure has decreased, saving you time and money. The administrative internship program has decreased from six hours to four hours, although it will still be completed over a full academic year. Acquiring administrative licensure has decreased from nine hours to six hours.

Demonstrate Your Competencies to Employers

The online Masters in Educational Leadership courses are comprised of one-hour modules. While you will still take the equivalent of three-hour courses, the individual modules will be listed on your transcript, allowing you to demonstrate to potential employers exactly what competencies you've acquired as part of the M.Ed. program.

What is Educational Leadership?

 Educational leadership involves working with teachers and other education professionals on systemic plans to improve educational programming and outcomes. Individuals with a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership are qualified for such positions as principal, assistant principal, athletic director, department chair, curriculum developer, dean of instruction, program administrator, education specialist and director of an academic division.


Be a leader in ethics and professionalism with an Educational Leadership Degree!


Here are some core responsibilities of educational leaders:

  • Analyze student data and observe classes
  • Build effective teams
  • Design, implement and assess school policy and procedures
  • Set core curriculum standards

All program, capstone and licensure modules are offered twice each semester in a fast track A/B format of seven weeks each, allowing for more flexibility in scheduling the required classes. The new program modules are aligned with key state and national professional standards such as ELCC Standards, Ohio Principal Standards, the Ohio Assessment for Educators Educational Leadership Standards and others. This curriculum alignment better prepares you to pass the tests required for administrative licensure.

An M.Ed. in Educational Leadership allows you to move your career to the next level while still staying immersed in the world of schools. Your Educational Leadership degree prepares you to take on leadership roles at both the building and district levels for possible education administration jobs. Licensure is available at all levels Pre-K-12 as a building principal or at the district level with a license in Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development. With a degree in Educational Leadership, you are only six credit hours away from administrative licensure in Ohio.

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Masters in Educational Leadership


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