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For a student seeking a flexible MBA program in business, Ashland University’s online MBA degree is designed to help busy professionals juggle the demands of home, work and career goals. Ashland’s MBA degree online option can be accessible for students with work schedules that require significant travel, unexpected late hours or hectic family lives.

There are many advantages of an online MBA program, with the most prominent one being the ability to pursue your degree while maintaining your career. Whether full-time or part-time, those with demanding work schedules often are unable to take time out of their day to attend class. Ashland’s online MBA program is perfect for those looking for flexible scheduling options because it is offered through a virtual learning environment that is accessible 24/7.

Professionals trying to balance school and work will find it much easier as they have the freedom to complete course work around their job obligations. Another advantage of online programs is that you don’t have to relocate to receive a graduate education.

About Our MBA Online Degree

When balancing the demands of family, work and school, flexibility is essential and Ashland University's online MBA program is known for its flexibility in terms of curriculum, learning style, time and location of classes, and pace through the program.

Our curriculum is an ideal balance of 50% required core courses and 50% electives that you can customize to meet your needs and interests. You may choose to complete one or two specializations as part of your elective choices, or opt to select any combination of elective courses.

Students graduating with a Master of Business Administration degree will demonstrate competency in several areas found to be important for success in business. These competency areas include leadership, communication skills, problem solving skills, integrity and accountability, specialized knowledge, and international and global perspective. The assessment of student learning outcomes for all MBA students includes both internal and external assessments in selected courses, culminating in the MBA 517 Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis capstone course.

Specific Student Outcomes include:

  • the ability to identify problems, analyze information, and form conclusions within the business context;
  • 52 business knowledge from a variety of subdisciplines and the ability to apply the knowledge and skills to reach solutions to business needs;
  • the ability to inspire a shared vision, foster a realization of that vision, and facilitate a culture to realize goals of the vision;
  • an understanding of the ethical behaviors and issues relevant to the business community;
  • the ability to apply analytical and quantitative skills appropriate to support business decision making;
  • an international and global perspective appropriate to a progressive business community that engages in international business activities.

Why An Online MBA

If you thought about taking graduate classes but just never took that step -- now is the time for you to get your graduate degree. There are a number of reasons why you should do so.

A graduate degree is your ticket to better job opportunities and higher pay over your career. In terms of lifetime earnings, a master's degree is worth $457,000 more than a bachelor's degree, according to a report from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.

And if that isn't enticing enough, the Council of Graduate Schools reports that jobs that require a master's degree are expected to grow 21.7 percent through 2020, faster than the growth at any other education level. That's 2.6 million jobs expected to be created in less than a decade, according to the Council of Graduate Schools.

If you’re looking for a flexible, fully online public relations program in the field of Business Administration, consider choosing Ashland University. Get the education and credentials you need to advance in your career — to learn more, fill out the Request Info form above, email or apply now!

Course Offerings in Our Online MBA Program:

  • MBA 506 Business & Society
  • MBA 509 International Business Management
  • MBA 510 Organizational Behavior
  • MBA 513 Management Information Systems
  • MBA 514 Special Topics in Business
  • MBA 550 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
  • MBA 560 Investments
  • MBA 570 Supply Chain Management

Potential Career Paths for Graduates of Our Online MBA Program:

  • Accountants
  • Commercial Loan Officers
  • City Managers
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Chief Executive Officer

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If you’re looking for an MBA degree offered online, consider choosing Ashland University. Get the education and credentials you need to advance in your career – entirely online. Fill out the form above to learn more, email or apply now!