Student Testimonial

 “The students don’t need to worry about their English … if they come here many teachers and workers … will help you how to live here.”- Yin Li 

ACCESS Calendar

Fall Semester 2020

Arrival Deadline: August 26
Airport Pick-up: August 25, 26
Orientation: August 27, 28
Classes Begin: August 31; Semester Ends: December 11

        Fall 2020 Midterm Intake

            Arrival Deadline: October 21
            Airport Pick-up: October 20, 21
            Orientation: October 22, 23
            Classes Begin: October 26; Semester Ends: December 11

Spring Semester 2021

Arrival Deadline: January 6
Airport Pick-up: January 12, 13
Orientation: January 14, 15
Classes Begin: January 19; Semester Ends: April 30

         Spring 2021 Midterm Intake

            Arrival Deadline: March 3
            Airport Pick-up: March 2, 3
            Orientation: March 4, 5
            Classes Begin: March 8; Semester Ends: April 30

Summer Semester 2021

Arrival Deadline: May 5
Airport Pick-up: May 4, 5
Orientation: May 6, 7
Classes Begin: May 10; Semester Ends: August 20

           Summer 2021 Midterm Intake

             Arrival Deadline: June 30
             Airport Pick-up: June 29. 30
             Orientation: July 1, 2
             Classes Begin: July 5; Semester Ends: August 20




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Jennifer Wininger


International Student Services
Scott Parillo, Director

Student Testimonial

 “I think no students will feel isolated in the classroom, every student feels confident, feels free to ask questions or answer questions which I think is a really great environment... I think ACCESS program help us to learn American culture in many different way first of all we have mentor program which is a good way to interact with American people.”- Qiaogeluke Abudouwaili