Institute for International Insight

  • How could you connect with a person from another culture?

  • How do different customs color life overseas?

  • Can you see yourself traveling abroad for business or pleasure?

  • Do you have loved ones or coworkers who work internationally?

This summer Ashland University is offering its first-ever Institute for International Insight.  Come experience languages, customs, courtesies, and perspectives as you never have before.

 Cultivate your people skills across international boundaries and discover the motivations behind multiple points of view.

 Joy. Depth. Fun. Feeling. Inspiration. Understanding. 

                   Institute for International Insight

                         July 12-16 / 6:30-9:30 p.m. / $150




Featured Speakers

Ms. Yang Ruo Lin                                       China

Dr. Carla Abreu-Ellis                                 Brazil

Mr. Mohsine Bensaid                                Morocco

Dr. Nikita Lopatin                                      Russia

Dr. Sivakumar Venkataramany              India

Dr. Rene Paddags                                      International Relations

Rev. Ben Roby                                            Worldviews

Professional Development Credit

The Institute for International Insight is offering 1 credit hour of continuing education credit through our Professional Development Services. At registration, please indicate whether or not you are seeking credit for your attendance.

Virtual Attendance

For ease of access to this event, we are offering the entire institute virtually through Zoom technology as well as in person. Participants may attend in person, online, or in a mix of both. Due to ongoing pandemic restrictions for indoor events, we have availability for 30 participants to attend in person. These spots will be designated on a first-come, first-served basis. Once face-to-face seats are filled, we will post a notice on the landing page and on this registration form.

Thank you so much for considering joining us for this event! We look forward to seeing you!

Ms. Yang Ruo Lin: China

Dr. Carla Abreu-Ellis: Brazil

Mr. Moshine Bensaid: Morocco

Dr. Nikita Lopatin: Russia

Contact ACCESS

Director                                      Jennifer Wininger          419.289.5123

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