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"When I came to Ashland, I had almost no English skills. However, I’m taking the ACCESS program to improve my English until I am able to study my major at AU. I have a lot of American friends who also help me to improve my English. Additionally, I will never get homesick because Ashland is a safe place to live and it has friendly people."

-Ahmad Bondagji

Student Testimonial


"My international classmates and ACCESS teachers give me knowledge you cannot get from the books. While studying we learn from each other to know more about the culture and customs of different countries."

-Hongfeng Fei, China

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The Ashland Center for English Studies wants to encourage our students to share their stories of their time here. Use this link to submit items that you would like to share, and maybe you will see your story on our website!

Here are some examples of what you might consider submitting:

  1. A story about your favorite ACCESS memory
  2. A description of what you like most about ACCESS
  3. A picture (with a 1-2 sentence description) of ACCESS students
  4. A video about the program, a trip or your classes
  5. An audio recording of you talking about your experiences at Ashland
  6. An audio recording of you singing or playing an instrument

These options are not your only options. You can be as creative as you want in deciding what to submit!

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