The Ashland Center for English Studies (​ACCESS) equips international professionals, undergraduate, and graduate students with the knowledge, skills and experiences in English needed to fully engage with the intellectual, professional and social communities on campus and in university classrooms and acquaint them with American people and culture through real-world experiences, both inside and outside the classroom.
Who Are Our Students Our students are, for the most part, aspiring undergraduate and graduate students who trust to ACCESS to equip them with the language, academic and cultural skills they will need to pursue an advanced course of study at a U.S. educational institution.   They are predominantly students who have been given Conditional Admission to Ashland University based on their academic backgrounds, but who need to demonstrate English Proficiency before they can enter their degree programs.   ACCESS is a highly demanding course of study for academically serious students. 
ACCESS Program Description:  ACCESS has six regular proficiency levels and a potential seventh “foundations” level if a number of students place below the proficiency mark for level one.  Each level has two “core” tracks (speaking and listening/reading and writing) that meet for two hours per day, five days per week.  Grammar is considered inseparable from content and is incorporated into the core courses.   The six levels are structured to bring the student to an academic level of proficiency in which he/she is able to negotiate authentic academic lectures and readings as well as engage in discussions, give presentations and effectively do research at the academic level. 
ACCESS believes that learning comes from within, and that our instructors’ job is to guide and facilitate our students in their journey to proficiency.  Our goal is to construct a safe and comfortable learning environment that, yet, challenges and stimulates the students to work with the English language.  Instructors devise activities both inside and outside of the classroom that challenge our students to investigate both language and culture, while becoming familiar with the academic conventions of a US university.

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