Online and Hybrid Class Guidelines

Immigration regulations for F-1 and J-1 students state that only one 3 credit hour class can be used towards the full-time study requirement. You can take more than one online class as long as you are meeting the full-time requirement below.

Undergraduate Students: Full-time requirement is 12 credit hours per semester, so at least 9 credit hours must be taken in a traditional, on-campus class.

MBA and MEd: Full-time requirement is 6 credit hours per semester, so at least 3 credit hours must be taken in a traditional, on-campus. Hybrid classes must meet for a total of 45 hours during the course of the semester to be considered as meeting the full-time requirement. You may take more than one hybrid class to make up for the 45 hours.  Note that Ashland University's MBA program (effective Fall 2011) has stated that student's must live within commuting distance of the main campus or program center (reasonable commuting distance is defined as 35 miles).

During your last semester of studies you may have a minimum of one class (whether it is hybrid, online or in the classroom), if it is the only class that you need to complete your degree requirements. You must notify ISS of this type of registration so that we can report it to immigration.

Acceptable course schedules that will meet minimum immigraiton requirements:

1) One traditional class and one or more online classes.

2) Four hybrid classes.

3) One traditional class and one or more hybrid classes.