Tuition and Fees (Estimate for 2015-2016)

ESL in ACCESS1 Term6 Terms
Tuition - ESL Classes $3,183 $19,098
Activity Fee $75 $450
Examination Fee $20 $120
Technology  Fee $100 $600
Recreation Center Fee $43 $258
University Room & Board (Double Occupancy, 19 meals/week) $2,376 $14,256
Book and Supplies (estimate) $200 $1,200
Student Health Center Fee $8 $32
Accident and Sickness Insurance (estimate)* $287 $1722
Totals $6,292

The Student Health Center Fee will not be charged in the Summer terms becasue it is closed. 

All students over the age of 22 will be placed in temporary housing and given the option of on- or off-campus housing.

All students under the age of 22 must live on campus unless entering graduate studies upon completion of ACCESS. 

*It is mandatory for students to purchase university health insurance.

Other Fees:

Non-Refundable Application Fee   $50
Reissue Acceptance Package Fee   $50
Orientation Fee* $100

*Orientation fee includes airport pick up from Cleveland Airport (CLE) on dates noted on calender.


Contact ACCESS

Shane Carter

Program Coordinator
Destinee Seacrist


International Student Services
Scott Parillo, Director