Which Program is Right for Me?

Having difficulty deciding which program is best for you? While similar, there are a few notable differences between the MAHG and MASTAHG programs.

Number of credit hours required: 32 33
Can the degree be completed entirely online? No Yes
Appropriate if I plan to pursue doctoral studies in history or government? Yes No
Appropriate for secondary school teachers or community college faculty? Yes Yes
All courses are focused on history and government content? Yes No
Suitable for teachers of advanced/accelerated high school courses? Yes Yes
Minimum time to completion with full-time study? 15 months 22 months
Maximum time limit for completion? 10 years 10 years
Comprehensive exam? Optional Required
Thesis or Capstone Project? Optional No
Suitable for James Madison Fellows? Yes Yes

The two key differences between MAHG and MASTAHG are:

  • MASTAHG may be completed entirely online, whereas MAHG requires at least 16 hours of coursework be completed through our weeklong summer courses at our Ashland, Ohio campus.
  • MAHG is focused entirely on the study of history and government, whereas MASTAHG blends the study of teaching methodologies with that of the content areas of history and government.

MASTAHG is the best choice if you:

  • are (or plan to become) a teacher and your personal or professional obligations require an entirely or substantially online program
  • want a curriculum that includes the latest in teaching methodology and historical content
  • want greater flexibility in where and when you take courses
  • are not interested in writing a master's thesis or research-based capstone project

MAHG is the best choice if you:

  • are interested in a traditional graduate school experience and a liberal arts curriculum in a low-residency program that requires just 8 weeks of on-campus study spread out over the course of two to ten summers
  • are considering further studies in history or government beyond the master's level
  • are interested in becoming a full-time community college instructor of American history or US government
  • prefer the option to complete your degree with a traditional master's thesis or research-based capstone project (a comprehensive exam option is also available)

Either program is appropriate for those who wish to become qualified to teach on an adjunct (part-time) basis at the community college level. Additionally, while MASTAHG may be completed entirely online students still have the option to take courses in a more traditional brick-and-mortar classroom.

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