Beginning with the Fall 2017 semester, the syllabus and document readings for each course will be posted on Blackboard rather than at the MAHG and websites. 

Accessing Blackboard

Blackboard is accessed at OR by going to and clicking the MyAU dropdown menu at the top of the page. Use your AU username and password to log in.

Blackboard login under the MyAU menu

Finding Your Course

Once you log in to Blackboard, look for the “My Courses” section of the homepage, choose the appropriate semester, and find your course. Click the course name to go to the course page.

Alternatively, you may also find your courses by clicking the “Courses” link at the upper right corner of the screen. From there, look for the semester and specific course.

Please note that your course may not necessarily appear in Blackboard immediately after registering. In most cases, professors will not make the course public until after they have uploaded the syllabus and other materials. As long as WebAdvisor shows that you are registered for a course, do NOT interpret a course missing in Blackboard to mean that you are not registered. 

Finding Materials

Once you are in your course page, look for the navigation column on the left side of the course homepage. Predictably, you will find the course syllabus by clicking “Syllabus”.  As always, the syllabus will contain a list of required books and a class-by-class listing of readings (including both selections from texts, where applicable, and additional documents).

Additional readings will be found by clicking “Readings”. There you will find bundled or individual documents organized by session.

Blackboard Course Shell


Please note that Blackboard will be used solely for posting materials, occasional communication, and (at the professor’s discretion) for testing and assignment submission. MAHG online courses will remain live videoconference courses and ARE NOT BECOMING ASYNCHRONOUS BULLETIN BOARD COURSES.  We will continue to use Webex Meeting Center for courses. In addition to the Webex link provided by email prior to the start of the course, we will also provide a direct Webex link in Blackboard. Should you have difficulty locating your Webex email, you can simply log in to Blackboard, go to your course page, and click “Webex” to join the session.

Usernames and Passwords

Though it was important before, this move to Blackboard makes it of absolute importance that you know your AU username and password. It is also vital that you keep your password current. Recall that passwords will expire 180 days after their creation. If you have not yet done so, please enroll in our self-service reset system at Enrollment instructions are available at the AU IT website. Blackboard is only accessible by authorized users. You will not be able to access it without keeping your password current.

If you have difficulty with your username and password, please contact the Ashland IT help desk at (419) 289-5405.