To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of the death of the MBA have been greatly exaggerated. MBA students learn the latest management theories, as well as how to apply them. Successful MBA programs use the tension between theory and practice to constantly redesign both what is taught and how content is delivered. The continued strong demand for the MBA simply reflects the recognized value of this dynamic blend of knowledge and applications.

At Ashland, this mix of theory and practice is part of our culture. A theory will not last in the classroom if it has no practical application, and conversely, a long-standing industry practice will not last if it is inconsistent with a solid, data-supported theory. Our strategic faculty mix of full time academic experts and part-time adjunct professors with current business experience drives this culture of continuous improvement. Additionally, our students use both their academic and their business knowledge to challenge ideas that are presented in a course. This practice of challenging, questioning and applying, rather than rote memorization, continues to attract both domestic and international students to our MBA program.

The Ashland MBA is designed to: 1) give you new skills and knowledge that you can immediately apply to enhance your career; and 2) allow you to design a program that meets your specific needs. You can choose one or more specializations that fit with your own career plans due to our focused, 15-credit hour core curriculum. And you can decide how many courses to take each semester, at what location and in what format, due to our course offerings in multiple sites and in multiple formats, including online.

Every new student brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our program. We have high expectations for our students, and we know you have high expectations for us. Our faculty and staff give the Ashland MBA an unequaled level of personalized attention and quality instruction and we encourage you to attend an open house or set up an appointment with a faculty member to learn more about the program.


I look forward to the chance to meet you.

Dr. Jeffrey E. Russell, Dean
Dauch College of Bussiness and Economics


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