Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to complete the MBA program?

Students can complete the MBA program in two years by taking two courses per semester - Fall, Spring, Summer; however, most of our students are also working full-time, so the average time it takes students to complete the MBA program is three years. Students can take up to five years to complete their graduate studies.

2. Is the GMAT required?

No. We require students to have completed an undergraduate business degree (or to complete any missing foundational business courses prior to starting our program). Additionally, our students typically have significant workplace success (the average age is 34). Our careful review of applications, resumes and prior education accomplishments allows us to predict success in the program.

3. What is the tuition rate and how much will the MBA program cost?

Please view the current Graduate School Tuition & Fees page.

4. Are specialization offerings part of the MBA curriculum?

Yes. We presently offer specializations in the following areas: Project Management, Finance, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Global Management, Supply Chain Management and Accounting. Each specialization consists of three courses for a total of nine credit hours. Students are awarded a certificate upon completing the MBA program and the specialization is documented on their transcript.

5. Is there an Online MBA program offered?

Yes. We now offer a sequence of twelve online MBA courses that allow students to complete our AU MBA without attending any formal class sessions.

6. Can the MBA program be completed at any of the four locations?

Yes. Students can complete the MBA program in two years at any of our Centers. Presently, we have Centers in North Canton, Medina, Columbus and at the main campus in Ashland. However, each of the seven specializations may not be available at each of the Centers and the student may be required to travel to another Center in order to complete a particular specialization.

7. How are textbooks purchased?

Textbook information can be found at the bookstore on the main campus in Ashland, at the Columbus Center Bookstore or online at Textbooks can be mailed to the student's home via Fed Ex.

8. Is the MBA program accredited?

Yes. We received our initial professional accreditation in 1993 from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Every 10 years ACBSP fully reviews accredited programs. We received our reaffirmation of accreditation in 2012. Also, we are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission which is our regional accreditation, the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

9. Who will serve as the student's academic advisor?

The Academic Advisors in the Graduate, Online, and Adult Center for Academic Support will serve as the student's academic advisor. They will assist with course planning, registration, and program review . Students are also encouraged to seek advice from faculty members, especially regarding career planning and which courses to take.

10. Is there a corporate reimbursement option available for students whose company or organization provides tuition assistance for employees?

Yes. Students may delay their tuition payment until the end of the semester. Upon receiving their final grades the student will have approximately 30 days to pay their balance. There is a $40 corporate reimbursement fee per course that will be assessed to the student's account.

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