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Robert Stoll, Chair of Management, Assistant Professor of Operations & Supply Chain Management
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Making the Ashland MBA Program Work For You

When balancing the demands of family, work and school, flexibility is essential.  Ashland University's MBA program is designed to provide flexibility in terms of curriculum, learning style, time and location of classes and pace through the program.

The MBA curriculum is an ideal balance of 50% required core courses and 50% electives that can be chosen by each student to meet their needs and interests.  Students may choose to complete one or two specializations as part of their elective choices, or may opt to select any combination of elective courses.

Courses are delivered in a variety of formats to enable students to choose the format that best fits their learning style and best accommodates their schedule.  Students who prefer a traditional face-to-face classroom experience can choose from classes that meet one evening per week for twelve weeks, or that meet on alternate Saturdays.  Courses are offered at locations close to where students reside in Columbus, Medina, Massillon and Westlake in addition to our main campus in Ashland.  Other students may prefer the total online MBA program, where all coursework can be completed online ia the ANGEL learning management system.  Our online courses are designated as Quality Matter courses, conforming to the highest standards of online learning aas established and certified by the Quality Matters program.  Many students select our "hybrid" courses, which combine the personal interaction of face-to-face courses with the time and location conveninence of online delivery of coruse content.  These courses meet approximately half as often as traditional courses, providing additional time flexibility.  Students are able to select from all of the above formats as they determine which format best fits their needs.

Finally, students can proceed at their own pace through the program as their schedules allow.  By taking two or more courses per semester, the entire MBA program can be completed in two years (six semesters) or less.  However, students also can take only one course per semester, or even take a semester off, when they need a break to accommodate demands from work and family.  In all aspects, the Ashland University MBA program is designed with student success in mind.

Online Program Delivery Method

The Ashland online MBA is designed to give busy professionals additional flexibility in juggling the demands of home, work and career goals. Our online option makes the MBA degree accessible for students with work schedules that require significant travel or unexpectedly late hours, or who may be asked to transfer to another location within the next few years.

Ashland has been delivering sections of MBA courses using online technology for a number of years. The catalog listing, the professors, the rigor and the expectations of an online and an in-class course are the same. If their schedule allows it, students who enroll in the online program have the option of taking some of their courses in a face to face or a hybrid format at one of our five center locations.

In Fall 2011, we committed to having sufficient courses scheduled to be offered in an online format to allow students to complete a fully accredited Ashland MBA degree by only taking online courses. These courses rapidly fill up, which validates our assumption that our target market of busy professionals appreciate the flexibility of an online format.

Our online courses are developed using Angel, one of today's leading Learning Management Systems. To ensure consistent quality in course design and delivery, we use a program called Quality Matters. This means that all of our online courses are reviewed and certified as "QM approved" by an outside expert in online course design.

In each of our online courses, you will use the Angel system to access course material, post your contributions to ongoing discussions, complete assignments and take exams. Online courses are capped at 25 students, so you can expect the same level of faculty interaction found in our in-class courses; however, the interaction is "virtual" through email, Angel and the discussion boards. Most courses are asynchronous in that there are no scheduled times when everyone must log in; however, there are deadlines for assignments and exams.

Complete your Degree in Two Years

The online MBA degree can be completed in two years by taking two courses per semester (fall, spring, summer) for two consecutive years. Although it is not a cohort program, a new cycle begins every fall semester which creates a depth of online offerings to give students more flexibility when scheduling. While we are constantly expanding our offerings of online courses, at this time the specializations that can be completed fully online is Project Management, Human Resource Management and the Sport Management Concentration.

To apply for the online program, visit our application page. On the initial page of the application, select "Master of Business Administration - online program"

Additional Information

Contact Steve Krispinsky (MBA Executive Director) at 419.289.5214 or skrispin@ashland.edu with any additional questions regarding the delivery options within the MBA program.