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Planning Your Future as a Superintendent

Are you an Ohio school administrator who wants to become an effective school district leader? If so, our post-master’s School Superintendent Licensure program is for you.

This program builds on your completed coursework from your M.Ed. Education Administration and administrative licensure programs. It focuses on changing school district organizations and helps you effectively gather, analyze and use data for ethical and relevant decision making.

A minimum of 36 graduate credit hours and an administrative specialist license or three years as a school administrator under a principal are required for this license.


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1 year




View the Academic Catalog or Superintendent Licensure Checksheet for complete degree requirements.

Some of the courses you'll take include:

  • The Superintendency
  • School Finance & Economics
  • Organizational Management, Seminar & Internship for Superintendents
  • Personnel and Resource Management
  • Special Topics: School Safety
Licensure Disclosure: This program is for students who intend to seek employment in Ohio and only prepares students for licensure in the state of Ohio.

Can You Give Me a Glimpse of My Future?

Obtaining a Superintendent's licensure in Ohio opens a pathway to significant leadership roles within the education sector. With this licensure, you could aspire to become the superintendent of a school district, where you would oversee all aspects of educational administration, policy implementation, budget management and community engagement. As a superintendent, you would have the opportunity to shape the direction of an entire school district, enact positive changes to improve student outcomes, foster collaboration among educators and stakeholders and advocate for educational equity and excellence.

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