Resumes & Cover Letters


Your resume is your marketing tool that provides an overview of your qualifications for a potential position. It summarizes your education, employment experiences and accomplishments. Employers use resumes to screen applicants to determine which candidates meet the requirements for the position and have conveyed the greatest potential for success within their organization.  Please review the Resume Writing Guide for how to develop or update your resume.  Send your resume to be reviewed to or stop by the Career Center for Life Calling!

Cover Letters

A cover letter is a professional business letter which accompanies your resume any time you apply for a position with a potential employer. The only time a cover letter does not accompany a resume is when you attend a job fair or you are bringing your resume to an interview. A cover letter introduces you to an employer and includes your qualifications for a position.

The cover letter serves several important functions:

  • Explains why you are submitting the resume.
  • Introduces you to the employer.
  • Serves as a vehicle for you to “sell yourself” more effectively to the employer. It is a key factor in creating interest in you as a candidate
  • Cover Letter Guide