The Guide Network, powered by Wisr

The guide network is a valuable resource for students and alumni alike. Within this site, we have communities where alumni can find jobs, connect with AU’s current talent, as well as utilize the CCLC’s resources. Below are our communities and their purpose:

  • Job Board Community: Current job openings (mostly in Ohio), handpicked for AU  students and alumni
  • Career Resources: External career fair information and company information in the discussion sections and CCLC resources in the files section
  • Where Eagles Have Landed: Where student discuss their internship experiences and the companies they worked for
  • Who’s Recruiting Eagles: A community to see the employers that recruit AU Eagles

Career Resources

Don’t forget that our career resources are not only available to current undergraduate students! They are also available for alumni and graduate students! These resources include technology resources, resume and cover letter writing assistance, as well as guidance through career changes. Contact our office for more information on how we can help you!