Second Year Students - Investigate

Personalize your track from the opportunities within each column

Second Year Students ~ Investigate

Career Track
  • Partner with a Career Center for Life Calling Team member to complete internet research related to career opportunities you are considering and develop a research grid to record your research findings
  • Meet with the Career Center for Life Calling to update career-related documents (resume & cover letter) and work on career-related skills such as networking 
  • Maintain ongoing communication with your Faculty Academic Advisor
  • Create a LinkedIn account & ask a CCLC member to help you use this to find jobs & internships
Calling Track
  • Meet with Life Calling Coach to process your research grid
  • Consider taking Occupational Life Calling BUS-152 Class 
  • Determine and participate in on and off campus opportunities to gain career related experiences
  • Select and attend events sponsored by Career Center for Life Calling, Christian Ministry or other campus organizations 
Spiritual Formation Leadership Track
  • Explore faith based and personality assessments such as a spiritual gifts test
  • Stay involved with a worshiping community
  • Maintain involvement with a faith-based small group
  • Engage in mission trips and volunteer opportunities


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