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Four-Year Career Development Plan

The Four-Year Career Development Plan provides suggestions for ways Ashland University students can develop career-related skills and experience during each year of their time at Ashland University. With a little advanced planning, students can develop a solid resume and with a variety of experiences by graduation.

First Year - Imagine

Academic Career Personal/Social
  • Meet with your academic advisor and explore academic disciplines
  • Sign up for introductory elective courses that interest you
  • Talk with faculty and actively participate in class
  • Develop study and time management skills
  • Maintain a solid GPA
  • Meet with a CSC professional to work on your individualized four-year plan
  • Utilize Eagle Exploration to gain understanding of majors and careers
  • Explore web-based resources at and written materials in the Career Resource Library
  • Attend career-related events/workshops
  • Develop your resume and seek a part-time job, summer job and/or volunteer opportunities
  • Join at least one of Ashland University’s student organizations
  • Maintain a balanced school/social life
  • Attend student programs on campus
  • Attend sporting events on campus
  • Join a mentoring program such as SOAR

Second Year- Investigate

Academic Career Personal/Social
  • Learn about career options for academic majors through the CSC, faculty and academic advisors
  • Confirm your major
  • Seek assistance developing an academic plan with your academic advisor according to degree requirements
  • Maintain a solid GPA
  • Consider adding a minor, certificate or endorsement to your academic plan
  • Attend career programs related to resume and cover letter writing, interviewing and internship searching through the CSC
  • Meet with a Career Specialist to research internship and summer job opportunities
  • Interview and job shadow professionals in the field related to your area of interest
  • Consider the possibility of graduate or professional school
  • Join a professional organization related to your major
  • Review and reaffirm your values, interests, skills and abilities
  • Participate in volunteer opportunities on campus or within your community
  • Consider the benefits of studying abroad

Third Year - Interact

Academic Career Personal/Social
  • Consider adding a minor, certificate or endorsement to your academic plan if you have not done so already
  • Participate in an internship experience
  • Meet with your academic advisor to make sure you are still on the right track to graduation
  • Maintain solid GPA
  • Begin graduate school application process and entrance exams if applicable
  • Research companies/work environments
  • Attend career programs sponsored by the CSC and other departments
  • Revise resume and have critiqued by CSC
  • Network with faculty, staff and employers
  • Discuss your career plan with CSC staff and academic advisor as well as faculty
  • Develop a list of professional references
  • Participate in a mock interview to gain competitive edge
  • Start exploring choices after graduation
  • Continue practical experiences through activities, employment and community involvement
  • Take on leadership roles in your student organizations
  • Practice stress management and time management techniques to maintain a healthy social and school life balance

Fourth Year - Implement

Academic Career Personal/Social
  • Meet with your academic advisor and confirm graduation status
  • Fill out all necessary graduation documentation
  • Fill out, request and send all necessary graduate school information , i.e., transcripts, financial aid, graduate assistant and scholarship applications
  • Request letters of recommendation from faculty members early in the year
  • Maintain solid GPA
  • Have your resume critiqued by a CSC staff member
  • Attend career fairs, participate in on-campus interviews and plan your job search strategy
  • Attend interviewing, resume and job search workshops in the CSC
  • Participate in a mock interview to gain competitive edge
  • Research possible companies/organizations/employment options
  • Notify CSC of any job offers
  • Join state and national professional organizations
  • Continue to assess personal and professional post-graduation goals
  • Utilize all services available through AU and continue to stay involved
  • Continue to establish and maintain relationships on campus and throughout the community
  • Respond to the “first employment destination” survey emailed from the CSC
  • Use CSC services throughout your career