The SOAR Program

The SOAR (Seeking Opportunities, Achieving Results) Program was launched in the fall of 2011 through a partnership between The Office of Alumni Engagement and the Career Services Center.

Seeking Opportunities, Achieving Results

The mission of the program is to provide an opportunity to connect current students with Ashland University graduates or friends of Ashland University for the purpose of career exploration. Alumni who are seeking a career change may also find that SOAR is a great resource.  We are pleased that graduates and friends of Ashland University are willing to share their professional knowledge and achievements in a mentoring capacity.


The SOAR program has the potential to allow students who are exploring career options and alumni who are seeking a career change the opportunity to learn about careers they are considering. The mentoring relationship and the potential network that can be developed makes SOAR an invaluable resource.

Utilizing technology, the SOAR mentors can participate in this program regardless of where they live. Mentors have the potential to share their knowledge through informational interviews via telephone, email, Skype or in person.  In some cases, shadowing and internship opportunities might be available.

Get Connected

Seeking a Mentor? Information for Students and Alumni

To be connected with a SOAR mentor, you must be a current Ashland University student or a graduate of Ashland University. An outline of the process of being matched with a SOAR mentor is available for download.

To sign up to begin the matching process, please complete the SOAR Student Registration Form:

Becoming a Mentor and Information on Mentorship

If you are interested in serving as a SOAR mentor, please complete the Mentor Registration form: