Residence Life Early Arrival Form

Please use numbers only. Do not include letters or hyphens.
This is the Residence Hall you will be living in.
Your Fall 2013 housing assignment.

If you are a returning student and plan to return to campus prior to August 18, 2013, you must complete this form. If you have been pre-approved by a coach/supervisor of Ashland University to arrive before Monday, August 12th, please make note of this in the Reason for Requesting Early Arrival box and include the name of the coach/supervisor requesting your early arrival. Cost for early arrival is $25 per night. All charges for an early arrival will be placed on student accounts unless charges are to be paid by an Ashland University Department. It is the responsibility of the student to confirm with the coach/supervisor as to whether or not the department will cover his/her early arrival charge.

The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to deny an early arrival on the basis of judicial or other reasons as determined by information provided on the application and through the official University departments.

I, the above named student, understand and agree to this contract agreement and accept all terms, conditions and restrictions pertaining to said agreement. I agree to pay the University a fee of $25 per night for accommodations.