Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry

Joe and many FCA Huddle leaders had a vision of putting together Bible studies at the Mansfield Correctional Institution. They also put on huge events such as horseshoe and softball tournaments with the inmates. These are all ways of spreading the Gospel to the inmates of the Mansfield Correctional Institution. Every Wednesday, anywhere from 30-80 men come to a basic Bible study led by two Ashland University athletes while Joe leads another deeper study for approximately 40 men. "FCA has had a great reception," shared Chaplin Baldwin (worker at the Mansfield Prison). Pounds, who used to be an inmate at the Mansfield Prison, stated that, "One man plants a seed, and another man waters it." To him, he wanted whatever it took to see the men inside the correctional facility enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Over the past few years, many inmates have participated in the FCA Bible studies and events, learned about the Lord, accepted Christ as their Savior and left the Mansfield Correctional Institution with changed hearts and lives. FCA's impact is also helping the inmates serve the community outside the prison. FCA raised $390 for a Catholic Charity drive to buy coats for the poor. FCA raised more money than any other single organization who donated. They would like to see this partnership that FCA and the Mansfield Correctional Facility go nationwide by someone taking that initiative to do so. FCA is doing good things-things that are helping out inmates to interface with the community around them.

"If you are a part of an organization like that, you're less likely to come back as an inmate. It's a known fact that those who find faith are less likely to re-offend"

(from the article, The Mansfield Redemption)

If you would like to be a part of this ministry, please contact Joe Maggelet.