The Arts! For many even talking about them sparks images of abstract and odd paintings or movements that seem more weird than worshipful. Yet artistic expressions can articulate one's passion for God in powerful and beautiful ways. After all, we serve and love a Creative God who paints the sky with brilliant color, causes trees to dance and rocks to cry out in praise. Shouldn’t we worship The Almighty in simpler ways? Scripture seems to suggest that the arts are important-- providing examples of skilled carvers and goldsmiths building the tabernacle, dancers dancing unashamed in the presence of God and country and musicians belting out praises to the King of Kings. We also see poetry and prose through scripture along with Prophets who use drama to get God’s message across. The Arts are unavoidable in the pages of Scripture, both in the New and Old Testament.

Alabaster is the worship ministry of the Christian Ministry Network. Seeking to express love and adoration to God through the Worship Arts, Alabaster is made up of musicians, dancers, actors, film makers, painters and sculptures who share the purpose and passion to worship in spirit and in truth.