First-Year Experience

One of our highest values here at Ashland University is community. Togetherness. Fellowship. That's why we're so thrilled to offer Pre-Orientation Retreat programs for first-year students. With these intentionally designed programs, you'll soon be calling Ashland University your home away from home. Your story unfolds in community, and it all starts here!

Pre-Orientation Retreats

Exclusively for first-year students, pre-orientation retreats offer new students the opportunity to get a jump start on their Ashland University experience before Orientation Weekend even begins! Meet new students, have fun, experience something new, and ease the transition to college life by arriving to campus early for a specially designed pre-orientation retreat!

Retreat Dates:  August 20-23, 2017
Fee: $25 refundable deposit billed to your Student Account to hold your reservation. May pay through the Business Office. 

OPTION #1. Leadership Adventure Retreat, Camp NuHop
Adventure awaits! This 2 ½ day excursion will provide new students with plenty of opportunities to explore the different facets of leadership through guided and self-guided experiential and discussion based programs.  Participants should be prepared to engage in activities that encourage self-reflection, risk-taking, and the importance of establishing and maintaining community. Space is limited to 20 students.

OPTION #2. Creative Arts Retreat, Camp Mowana
Looking for less adventure and more creativity? Then, you’re going to love this pre-orientation retreat! As a team, we’ll travel to the Renaissance Theatre and Arts Center in Mansfield, Ohio to engage with our surroundings creatively. This retreat will give you an opportunity to interact with various forms of art while making connections and building a sense of community with your new classmates. Space is limited to 20 students.

Pre-Orientation Retreat Registration

OPTION #3. Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp (Limited to LLC Group)
Unsure if you want a creative or highly experiential camp experience to officially kick off the school year? Join fellow students at Pleasant Hill as they participate in a series of conversations and activities that involve a combination of creative and experiential events that range from scientific demonstrations such as bouncy ball experiment to recreational outings such as hiking. 

To register for the Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp, please email Dr. Cindy Moseman at