Student Leadership

Become a manager or supervisor!

Ashland University Recreational Services gives students the opportunity to take on a leadership role within Rec Services and gain valuable experience being a supervisor or manager.  Students could have the chance to be a Facility Manager, Aquatics Manager, Rec Sports Manager, Lead Group X Instructor or an Outdoor Pursuits Manager!

Facility Managers

Hours per week: 10-15 Hours

The Facility Manager is responsible for the smooth operation of the Recreation and Sport Sciences Center during all operating hours. This person must be knowledgeable in all policies of the Recreational Services Department operation and make decisions based on previous experience as well as general philosophy and mission of the facility and program. This person has the authority to make exceptions to the policies and procedures based upon the Recreational Services philosophy and mission considering specific details of a situation. The Facility Manager supervises all other student employees in the absence of professional staff, represents the policies and rules of the center and serves as a general "trouble-shooter" within the facility. The Facility Manager works directly with members and guests providing courteous, friendly and professional assistance.

Aquatics Manager

Hours per week: 10-15 Hours

The Aquatics Manager’s main responsibility is to ensure the safe operation of the aquatic facility through appropriate risk management, staffing and quality customer service. This person must be knowledgeable of day-to-day operations and policies of the aquatics facility. The Aquatics Manager will assist the Aquatics Graduate Assistant as needed with staff and programming events within the aquatics facility.

Rec Sports Managers

Intramural Supervisors

Hours per week: 10-20 hours (2-3 hours office work)

Description: Intramural Supervisors are directly responsible for on-site supervision of all intramural contests while ensuring the safety of all participants. Supervisors are also responsible for coordinating trainings and tracking participation and All-Sports points. They serve as a mentor to officials while providing training and constructive feedback on a daily basis. A qualified candidate is responsible, dependable, hardworking and customer service-oriented. Supervisors are intramural employees that have demonstrated a solid understanding of the rules, responsibility and leadership traits. All supervisors will be CPR/First Aid certified upon employment.

Sport Club Supervisors

Hours per week: 8-12 hours

Description: The Sport Club Supervisor is the lead organizer for the Sport Club Council within the Department of Recreational Services. Working throughout the academic year, the SCS is primarily responsible for organizing and updating all SC schedules as well as scheduling student employees for sport club matches. Other responsibilities may include creating newsletters, acting as a fundraising resource for sport clubs and training student employees.

Lead Group X Instructor

Description: The Lead Group Fitness Instructor will be responsible for assisting with the facilitation of a comprehensive group exercise program. The lead instructor will teach at least one group exercise class per semester as well as demonstrate working knowledge of group exercise in a leadership role. The lead instructor’s responsibilities also include maintaining the RSSC Aerobics Studio and Fitness Resource Center, marketing the group exercise program, creating group exercise incentive and fitness programs and aid in the hiring and training of the group fitness instructors. A qualified candidate is responsible, dependable, knowledgeable, hard working and customer service-oriented. The lead instructor is a group exercise instructor who has demonstrated a strong understanding and application of group exercise philosophies and development.

Outdoor Pursuits Manager

Hours per week: 6-15 Hours (2-3 hours office work)

Description: The Outdoor Pursuits Manager is responsible for assisting members with climbing wall equipment, belaying climbers and creating a safe and fun environment. The Outdoor Pursuits Manager will also oversee the development of the Outdoor Store. The Outdoor Pursuits Manager will accomplish this by providing information, training and supervision of new employees. The manager is responsible for the training of the Outdoor Pursuits staff as well as setting new routes on the climbing wall. These students are on duty to emphasize safety and security for the patrons.

*In order to be considered for an Outdoor Pursuits Manager position, one must be a Climbing Wall Supervisor at Ashland University for at least one semester.

*In order to be considered for a manager position, one must have at least one year of work experience within the Recreation Center*


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Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-1 p.m./4-7 p.m.

Sat./Sun., 2 p.m-7p.m.

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