Rules and Regulations

For further description of any of the following areas and more, make sure to view the Intramural Participant Manual (PDF)

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Eligibility & Participation

All participants must be current students, faculty, or staff of Ashland University.  All participants must present their current Ashland University ID card prior to each event, game, or match.  Varsity athletes are not permitted to participate in their corresponding intramural sport during that academic year.  In addition, rosters with Sport Club members are limited depending on the sport.

Participants may only play on one team in any given league or tournament with exception to playing in a co-rec league or tournament in conjunction with a men's or women's league or tournament.  All participants must be signed in on the game sheet prior to participating in any contest.  During league play, rosters are "frozen" upon completion of the regular season.  During tournament play, rosters are "frozen" after a team's first game is completed.  Participants may not be added to a team once rosters are "frozen." Teams violating eligibility requirements are subject to forfeiture of the game.  Individuals violating eligibility requirements are subject to suspension from participation in all programs or services offered by the Department of Recreational Services.  The Assistant Director of Programs may impose further penalty as warranted by the severity of the offense.

Sportsmanship Ratings

Displaying and practicing good sportsmanship is an essential component of the Intramural Sports philosophy.  Sportsmanship includes actions and behaviors toward teammates, opponents, Rec Services staff and spectators.   Participants and teams will be rated on their sportsmanship before, during and after each IM Sports & Special Events contest, and given a Sportsmanship Rating (A, B, C, D, or F) by the game officials and Rec Sports Manager on duty.

Ratings are recorded and may affect a team's standing or eligibility for playoff and tournament participation.  A team or individual must maintain an average of a "B" Sportsmanship Rating during league play to be eligible for a playoff invitation as well as maintain that "B" average while participating in any tournament or playoff format.

A = Excellent Sportsmanship (4 points)

B = Good Sportsmanship (3 points)

C = Below Average Sportsmanship (2 points)

D = Poor Sportsmanship (1 point)

F = Unacceptable Sportsmanship (0 points)

A full description and criteria of Sportsmanship Ratings may be found in the IM Participant Manual.

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Captain's Responsibilities

For all team sports, each team will have a designated captain and co-captain.  For individual sports, the individual is considered the captain.  The captain is responsible for the team's and fans' actions and behaviors before, during and after all IM Sports & Special Events play.  All communication with the Department of Recreational Services and its staff will be done through each team's captain (Co-Captain when the captain is not able to be reached or present).

The Captain is also responsible for reviewing and understanding all IM Sports & Special Events policies, assuring that the team roster meets eligibility requirements, and attending or sending a representative to playoff meetings.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of all intramural participants are of the highest priority and therefore may take precedence over normal rules, regulations and procedures resulting in rule modification, facility closure and forfeit or cancelled games.  All participants play at their own risk and are encouraged to secure the Health and Accident Policy offered through Ashland University.

The use of any form of alcohol and tobacco products are not permitted on or in any University recreation facilities, including all intramural playing fields or off-site facilities.  Participants under the influence of alcohol or using tobacco products will be dismissed from intramural play and the facility site.  Such use may be subject to further penalty from the Assistant Director of Programs and/or possible University judicial discipline.

Participants and teams are required to wear proper athletic apparel during intramural and special event play.  Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times unless otherwise stated.  The following equipment and apparel are not permitted during intramural play:

No metal spikes of any kind including metal tips are permitted

No head wear with knots or brims (hats with brims may only be worn during softball and whiffle ball)

No jewelry of any kind

No shorts with pockets (flag football)

No bikinis (sand volleyball)

All rulings concerning health, safety and equipment made by Rec Services staff are binding until the Assistant Director makes a final ruling.  Participants not adhering to equipment requirements are not permitted to participate until such requirements are met.

The Department of Recreational Services will provide equipment for all sports.  Participants may use their own equipment as long as it conforms to intramural sport rules.  Any abuse of the equipment or facilities is cause for ejection and dismissal from play.

Game Scheduling & Cancellations

All games are scheduled with the attempt to satisfy team or individual availability, but are not guaranteed.  Games cancelled due to inclement weather will only be rescheduled during tournaments and playoffs.  During league play, all teams or individuals will receive an invitation to playoffs regardless of records, pending Sportsmanship Ratings.

League standings will be recorded in the following format:

Win = 3 points

Win by forfeit = 2 points

Tie = 1 point

Loss/Forfeit = 0 points

The following playoff seeding and tiebreaker structure will be used:

Total point standing


Sportsmanship rating

Point differential

Coin toss

Notification of cancellations due to inclement weather will be made no later than 2 pm the day of the event. 


A forfeit is declared when a team or individual fails to appear or is not prepared to begin play at the end of the designated grace period.  A double forfeit is declared when both teams or individuals fail to appear by the end of the designated grace period.

During league play, winning by forfeit will receive two points toward the team's league standing and any forfeiture will earn zero points.  During tournaments and playoffs, teams or individuals winning by forfeit will advance.  In case of a double forfeit during tournament play, the team with the most players present will advance.  If neither team is present, neither will advance.

Any team or individual who forfeits will receive a "C" Sportsmanship Rating (2 points) for that game and must pay the $10 forfeit fee before their next contest.  Teams or individuals who do not pay the forfeit fee will not be permitted to participate in intramural play until it is paid.

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