February 17, 18, and 19, 2017

Ashland University Office of Residence Life and the AU Student Senate will be hosting Sibs ‘N Kids Weekend 2017 on February 17, 18, and 19. This will be an exciting time for siblings and friends of current students to visit campus and participate in numerous activities at the University. This year's theme is "Fun in the Sun!” The activities planned include Frisbee decorating, Baking in Convo, a showing of the movie Moana (2016),  fun activities at the Recreation Center, and many other activities sponsored by the residence halls and other campus organizations!

Pricing & Registration

Registration is now closed.*

*Attendees may participate in many events without registering, but they will not receive the shirt or goodie bag without registering. Access to baking in Convo may also be limited without registration. Also, if you do not register but would like to visit the Recreation Center with a guest, be sure to fill out the proper waiver form. The registration form also allows AU Students to purchase their own Sibs & Kids 2017 tshirt for $8.00 per shirt.

The registration fee for Sibs ‘N Kids 2017 is $15 per child. This registration fee includes a T-shirt and beach-themed goodie bag.

We look forward to having an enjoyable weekend filled with fun, new experiences!

If there are any questions, please call the Office of Residence Life at 419-289-5303 or email reslife@ashland.edu.

Rec Center Access: 

If you would like to visit the Recreation Center, be sure to fill out this waiver form for each guest: au_rec_center_waiver.pdf


AU Students with Block Meal plans are able to swipe in kids/sibs/family members during this weekend. If the AU Student or first year student has the Unlimited Meal plan, they are unable to swipe in kids/sibs/family members and will be required to pay Convo pricing for meals.  Below are the listed prices. You are also able to go off campus to check out several restaurants around the Ashland area!

Convo Prices:

Lunch: $8.85 / $5.55 for child 4-10years

Dinner and Weekend Brunch: $11.30 / $7.05 for child 4-10 years

24 Hour Visitation

Sibs 'n Kids weekend is a 24 hour visitation weekend.  Siblings of the opposite gender are permitted to stay in the residence halls on campus.  We ask members of the opposite gender to use the guest restrooms in the lobbies.

Schedule of Events

Some events are still being created - Check back periodically for updates.

AU Sibs & Kids Events 2017

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