Leadership and Service Awards

The Leadership & Service Awards program exists to recognize exceptional efforts in a variety of areas of campus life. The program serves as an opportunity for members of the campus community to nominate students, faculty, staff and campus programs for a variety of honors.  The annual Leadership & Service Awards program brings together approximately 400 campus community members each April.

On April 13th, 2014 the 27th Annual Leadership & Service Recognition Reception will honor many campus community members. Over 120 awards will be presented to both individuals and campus programs. For a complete listing of last year's award recipients, please click here.

The Student Life Committee of Faculty Senate serves as the selection committee for each award as part of their committee work.  The Student Leadership Office is very thankful for their commitment to this annual process.


The Division of Student Affairs at Ashland University is committed to promoting the academic purpose of the university while enhancing student learning outside of the classroom. With our focus on student learning, we are able to provide opportunities for growth in the following areas: Intellectual Development and Wisdom; Ethical Behavior and Justice; Preparation for Living and Working as Citizens and Global Responsibility.