Apartment Amenities

Fully Furnished Apartment Style Living
Spacious Kitchen/Dining Area
Microwave Oven
Electric Glass Surface Stove
Open Living Room Area
Balcony or Patio
Traditional Twin Beds/Adaptable Bed Furniture
Mini-Blinds in All Windows
Walk-In Closets & Dressers
Two Full Bathrooms - Shower/Tub
Wireless Internet Access
Cable Television
Utilities: Gas/Electric/Water/Trash
Free On-Site Laundry Facilities
Community Room in Building 1081

Students are Responsible for Bringing:

Towels/Shower Curtain/Rugs
Toilet Paper/Cleaning Supplies
Vacuum/Broom/Dust Pan
Clothing/Personal Items
Electronics/TV/DVD/Alarm Clock
Trash Can/Trash Bags
Personal Comfort Items

Please refer to the Ashland University Student Handbook for a list of items that are not approved to be in the campus apartments.