Student Affairs Assessment

Description of Assessment Committee:

The Assessment Committee in the Division of Student Affairs is charged with identifying an array of assessment techniques and approaches that will be used to conduct a thorough review of the impact and effectiveness of our co-curricular initiatives and services.  To ensure this goal is achieved, the committee will advise staff members who are charged with coordinating assessment efforts in their respective areas and will provide pragmatic and theoretical resources to guide their implementation.

Student Affairs Assessment Annual Timeline

October 1st - Offices within Student Affairs should set their assessment plans for the current year by this time (or earlier).

July 15th - Offices will submit assessment reports from previous academic year to the Student Affairs Assessment Committee.

  • Complete a brief executive summary for each assessment activity, if possible.
  • If conducting a sampling, please be aware of our advised sample sizes.
  • Complete a summary of the year's assessment, including details on how assessment results will drive student-centered change in your office.

July 31st - Student Affairs Assessment Committee accepts summary assessment reports or requests changes/additional information

September 30th - Assessment reports from previous year due from Student Affairs Assessment Committee to University Assessment Committee.

Assessment Resources


Portal Page for University Assessment


Assessment in Practice: A Companion Guide to the ASK Standards

Coordinating Student Affairs Divisional Leadership: A Practical Guide

Five Things Not To Do In Developing Surveys for Assessment in Student Affairs

Learning Reconsidered 2: Implementing a Campus-Wide Focus on the Student Experience

Learning Reconsidered: A Campus-Wide Focus on the Student Experience

Learning is not a Sprint: Assessing and Documenting Student Leader Learning in Cocurricular Involvement

Building a Culture of Evidence in Student Affairs: A Guide for Leaders and Practitioners


ACPA - Assessment and Student Affairs

Professional Organizations

NASPA Assessment & Evaluation

Other Institutions

Ball State University: Student Affairs Assessment

Portland State University: Enrollment Management & Student Affairs Assessment

The Ohio State University: Center for the Study of Student Life - Assessment Resources

University of San Diego: Student Affairs Assessment Resources

Conferences and Webinars:

  • The Ohio State University Student Affairs and Assessment Conference (Summer)    
  • NASPA Assessment and Persistence Conference: Institutional leadership must create an environment which builds capacity, as well as encourage an organizational culture that includes comprehensive assessment as part of strategic planning.  Similarly, institutional leaders have a unique role to play in providing an environment and education that encourages student persistence, especially for under-served, low-income, adult, part-time, and minority students. The NASPA Assessment & Persistence Conference has been designed to address these important issues in assessment and persistence, as well as to provide a forum for experienced professionals to advance their skills by discussing assessment and persistence with practitioners and policy-makers.


Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education:

  • The Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE) is an organization of practitioners interested in using effective assessment practice to document and improve student learning. As such, it aims to serve the needs of those in higher education for whom assessment is a tool to help them understand learning and develop processes for improving it.
  • Annual Conference- June 6—8, 2016, The Pfister Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE) will be hosting its Sixth Annual Conference at the Pfister Hotel.