Student Emergency Fund


College years are often referred to as the best days of one’s life, but unfortunately, that’s not true for all. Life happens and unexpected circumstances pop up that alter a student’s ability to take care of basic expenses.

At Ashland University, many students have faced both small and catastrophic emergencies recently, yet thanks to a generous alumni base, their needs were met via the Student Emergency Fund. Over the last four years, the immediate needs of more than 70 students were taken care of, ranging from tuition to food, housing and school supplies.

Here are a few examples of students who applied for aid through the Student Emergency Fund and were approved:

  • A parent without life insurance died unexpectedly, resulting in significant loss of income
  • Expenses were piling up for a commuter student who was the primary caregiver of an ailing family member and thus unable to work
  • Student had cancerous tumor and multiple surgeries left the family financially drained
  • Computer was beyond repair and student had no source of income just weeks before graduation
  • Fire in apartment caused permanent loss of school supplies
  • International students without means to travel home or find work due to pandemic faced eviction
  • Student and family members unexpectedly found themselves unemployed, causing financial distress
  • Student who was unable to pay for unexpected course materials
  • Primary income-producing parent suffered a major injury in an accident
  • Student battling mental health issues who calls AU a second home sought assistance to finish degree

Emergencies can take many forms, but there is one guarantee: The Ashland University community will rise up, take care of one another and provide in a time of unanticipated need.

Please consider helping a student overcome a crisis by giving to the Student Emergency Fund by the end of October.

For more information on donating, click here.

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