Third-Year Students – Interact

We encourage students in their third year at Ashland University to interact with their growing network, return to and expand upon previous efforts and to involve themselves in their desired line of work after graduation.

During your third year, your intent should turn to action. The planning stage is over; if the real work hasn’t begun already, it’s time to make it happen. Steps you might take include:

  • Finding your first internship. If you’ve finished one internship already, don’t stop! Find and participate in another one
  • Continuing to develop your LinkedIn page with content from your professional experiences
  • Volunteering in impactful ways to promote personal and professional growth
  • Reviewing your social media accounts and consider deleting posts that potential employers might find inappropriate
  • Visiting the Career Center for Life Calling to get help with your job search
  • Attending career fairs. Ashland University hosts career fairs in the fall and spring.
  • If you plan to attend grad school, begin the grad school application process.

Continue to utilize the strategies in the three tracks we promote:

Career Track

Life skills class

Calling Track

Career networking day

Spiritual Formation Leadership Track

  • Continue the conversation that merges faith and career growth.
  • Explore internship opportunities that promote the integration of faith and your professional life.
  • Use the results of your faith-based exams and personality assessments to broaden your horizons and discover new avenues of worship and work.
  • Continue your involvement with your worshiping community. If you haven’t selected one already, there are plenty of options through the Office of Christian Ministry.
  • Continue your involvement with activities on campus and/or small, faith-based groups and Bible study groups.
  • If you haven’t already, engage in mission trips and volunteer projects. Reflect on the personal growth and experience gained from these experiences.
Newman Catholic Ministries